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The Blue Roebuck will lead you into the World of the Goddess.  May you share in Her ecstasy as you learn more of Her.  The Blue Roebuck is also happy to introduce you to Her Sacred Trees and the Ogham Alphabet.  Much of what is offered here about the Ogham and all the many associations and concepts comes from the work of Robert Graves in The White Goddess.  See complete bibliography here. Please come back often as more Goddesses and the many layers of the Mysteries of the Trees are shared.

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Who or What is The Blue Roebuck?

Much of the information we have about the Blue Roebuck comes from our studies of the Bassarids, who intoxicated on their own ecstasy, rushed wildly about on the mountains, waving the fir-branches of Artemis, spirally wreathed with Ivy - the yellow berried sort - with a roebuck tattooed on their right arms above their elbow.

The Blue Roebuck represents the "uncaptured spirit". Because of my work is about the empowerment of women, this seems an appropriate symbol, as does the image shown above, painted by my grandson, Drew Morton, as a gift for his mother.

About Bendis

BendisMythologically, the meaning of the Roebuck is "Hide the Secret."  The Roebuck, originally a White Hind, hides in the thicket, and that thicket is composed of twenty-two trees.

Well, the Blue Roebuck, in this case is, of course, Deanne also known as Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears, Priestess of the Goddess. (read more)


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